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Leo’s got a girl

Oh wow, it’s summer in New York and look who Leonardo DiCaprio is riding bike with. It’s this model. You know. The blonde one. Tall and pretty. White tank top and cute jeans. Not Gisele. Not Bar. Not Blake, not Erin, not Toni. The one who’s in Sports... read more

Into the Deep Black – The Martian

It feels like a long time ago that Matt Damon was at the movies. That’s only partly true, thanks to great cameo in Interstellar (I only accept spoiler bitching about movies that haven’t been released more than half a year ago), but I realised that I’m quite fond o... read more

Unbreakable Furiosa

Coming out of its first week, Mad Max: Fury Road seems to have upset a bunch of male movie goers. The strongest performance comes from Charlize Theron playing Furiosa, which did not comply with a couple of men perceiving the movie to be about a strong male character (the infamous ... read more

One last toast

Before I’m able to gather all my final thoughts on Mad Men and its concluding seven episodes we got to see the past couple of weeks, I will get something off my chest, that has been bothering me for a while now. Shows like Mad Men, Breaking Bad, True De... read more

Unbreakable blogpost

Every once in a while something wonderful happens on television and it’s time for a litte miracle again. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, since we know who is associated with it, but … let me start at the beginning. The dark void that had settled in my TV-heart ever s... read more

The Cool Girl

Gone Girl was one of these books that all of a sudden just popped up everywhere. Around the date of release I lived in London. The bookshops were full of Gillian Flynn’s novel and I was intrigued. My friend bought it and I only came around to reading it la... read more

Mad Men – Fly me to the moon.

(Beware: heavy spoilers ahead) Viewers in the US end their week with Mad Men, Game of Thrones or (when it was still on the air) True Detective, but over on the continent we begin our weeks with them. And what better way to commence a week with an episode as ... read more

Saying goodbye.

Two weeks ago How I Met Your Mother’s season nine came to a close. Not only the season, but the whole series ended its run. Let me reminisce and start this blog with some thoughts on saying goodbye. I watched my fictional group of friends grow and followed them on... read more

The times they are a changing!

So, this is my new blog. Welcome! Selfhosted, selfcontrolled, and hopefully safe from spam. I will fill this space with all of my great ideas, and so on. read more