Aziz Ansari, his fear of Trump and giving back to his parents

June 30th, 2016

Oomph – some time has passed, but a couple of months haven’t changed my level of appreciation for Ansari’s Master of None (which might be strongly considered for the Emmys, just you wait, just you wait). While you wait for new fodder from me, I have two article suggestions for you to read. The first is a [delightful interview with Dr. Shoukath Ansari](, Aziz Ansari’s father, who also played his father in Master of None. Enjoy what Shoukath Ansari has to say about his experience being in this series about – basically – himself and his son. I giggled, when he talks about his audition (yes, he had to audition for the part of playing the father) and things got real, when he talks about the way the series as a whole is the appreciation his son gives towards his parents: > **It seems like Aziz took the imperative to heart, even in making Master of None. It feels almost like a gift to you and your wife.** > Definitely. See, the tradition where we grew up, in Indian society, the children have a moral obligation to take care of their parents, no matter what. So they give them the financial support and everything. They help them out. They take care of their parents. As we migrated to America, the children all have a different sort of life and different things. That kind of the love for the parents is still there, but the moral obligation is not. > **The show was a gesture towards that obligation.** > That is the whole idea of the second episode. The parents night is to emphasize that your parents are coming from hardship and they worked hard to give you a better life, so it’s your turn to keep them happy and in comfort. The second quote I have to single out is the one regarding Donald Trump. Firstly, because it bridges the gap to the second article I want you to read and secondly, because it sums up my favourite notion found in Hamilton, my obsession du jour, mois, année (so many thoughts on Hamilton!): “**Immigrants, we get the job done!**” (Lafayette and Hamilton in “Yorktown”). > **Obviously, you’ve become a symbol of the immigrant story in America. You’re also Muslims, so I have to ask: What do you think about Donald Trump’s rhetoric?** > Listen. This country is foundationally strong. The country is built by immigrants, and America is great because of the immigrants. OK? You cannot shake the foundation! [Laughs.] This is a wonderful and positive sentiment. Please also take your time, though, to read what Aziz Ansari wrote in his [Op-Ed in the New York Times last week: Why Trump makes me scared for my family]( It’s interesting to see how the guy who once made me laugh based on “Treat yo’self” on Parks and Rec shifted gears in the public perception (me) with the delightful Master of None. Thanks Aziz. Enjoy your reads! image credit: Bino Storyteller, via [](